Sunday, April 06, 2014

Bad luck shift with ride-sharing

Have you attempted to drive in another area which is usually profitable? Get ride requests from 25-35 minutes out? Do these riders cancel you a few minutes away from their pickup? If you answered "yes," then you know that you're having bad luck with ride-sharing.

The essential goal of ride-sharing is to always have someone in your vehicle. In these rides, you pick up a rider in the shortest possible time and drop them off at another location where another rider requests you right away. Long rides, airport trips, and quick rides are lucrative to ride-sharing drivers who know how to maximize their time on the road. If you follow a strategy, you will make money.

On the opposing side, you may find yourself receiving requests from 15-20 miles out and these riders may only need to travel a few miles. It will take you outside of a busy area and you will spend double that amount in gas. There is a great chance that there won't be any rides in this distant city. What do you do when this happens multiple times in a shift?

The best mode of action is to go offline and position yourself in a busier area to avoid getting requested further away. You may find a request from a less busy area to be worthwhile. However, you take a gamble driving outside a busy area to make a pickup further away without determining the eventual distance of this trip.

Some nights are golden with riders advancing you to your intended location, whereas another shift you will find riders requesting you and then canceling this trip a few minutes before reaching them. Therefore, the $5 cancellation fee is not worth the time and gas to move you away from a busy area.

Ideally, you want to give a few long rides and maybe hit the jackpot giving a long ride to your intended destination. Another strategy is to give rides outside of your intended destination and hope these riders advance you to your the final destination. In this way, a ride-sharing driver gets paid to travel in one direction rather than lose time and money waiting to go online once they reach their work area.

Good luck ride-sharing and have fun revolutionizing transportation.