Thursday, March 27, 2014

What ridesharing passengers say about taxi drivers?

Ride sharing users are not too fond of taxi drivers. They share their stories often about how taxi drivers are inefficient in delivering quality rides.

One rider shared that a taxi driver picked him up and requested his destination. Once this rider mentioned that he lived out in the deepest part of Richmond district near the beach, this taxi driver claimed that his engine light come on and he couldn't drive to this destination.

The rider said, "C'mon, your light just came on right now? So you can't take me home?" The taxi driver responded that he couldn't give this ride out to the Richmond district because of the engine light. The rider jumped out, where all of a sudden this same taxi picked up the next passenger hailing fora ride at the end of the street and departed.

Another rider was furious about taxi drivers leaving him behind. These taxi drivers would make him late to the airport. He wanted to write a report about how much he wants to see the taxi industry fail. He indicated that taxi drivers flicked him off, talked rudely and even insulted him. For the most part, this rider refused to take a taxi ever again.

Taxi complaints are rather consistent. Unlike ride sharing apps, taxi drivers are not unaccountable for poor service. Riders make the mistake to not take down a license number to report these taxis. Ride sharing drivers are held accountable if they provide poor service, especially if any complains involve inappropriate behavior.

The most common gripe among ride sharing passengers is that taxis refuse to drive them home in the Sunset and Richmond districts. Moreover, taxi drivers have rejected credit payments in favor of cash. The San Francisco taxi industry is one of the most flawed transportation systems.

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