Sunday, March 30, 2014

Use cross-streets to help drivers

Ridesharing passengers could improve pickups with inputting cross-streets rather than using exact GPS coordinates. There are multiple instances where the driver reaches a pickup location and the passenger is nowhere to be found. Using cross-streets can help make drivers much more efficient.

GPS issues and passenger mistakes may create pickup problems. Drivers depend on the ridesharing app and passengers to guide them. When drivers arrive at the wrong pickup points, they receive calls from passenger who tell them they're at the wrong address. For the most part, inputting two cross-streets will eliminate GPS errors and minimize time constraints attributed to rerouting.

Some ridesharing companies tell their drivers to avoid calling passengers unless they have been waiting greater than 15 minutes. If drivers don't call their drivers, then they will lose valuable time. Their passengers may get mad at these drivers for waiting at another pickup location.

Depending on GPS to pinpoint an exact pickup address may not always be the most effective operation. Save time and avoid pickup problems with inputting cross-streets.