Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ridesharing tips for passengers

On weekend nights driving as a ridesharing driver, we noticed that GPS tracking seems to fall short of pinpointing the intended pickup location. Several passengers are located at different addresses. This GPS flaw creates a challenge for both drivers and passengers.

An effective strategy to counteract GPS issues is to send the driver a text message with the exact location. If you are standing outside of a restaurant and/or a bar, share this location with the driver. Inform the driver that you are on specific street corner because the GPS will generate an address closest to this pickup location.

For example, Folsom and 3rd will populate an address near Folsom or 3rd street. To avoid pickup problems associated with GPS, type-in the cross-streets and/or text your driver so they know exactly where you are positioned.

Your driver must maneuver through the busy city streets to reach you. They also assume risk with potentially receiving a bus parking ticket or another traffic violation.

Text messaging the driver with the exact coordinates and/or the location of your pickup point can help your driver reach you quickly. Please be patient with your driver, especially when they are trying their best to reach this pickup spot.

If your driver doesn't pick up their phone, just know they are trying to be safe and avoid causing an accident and/or receiving a traffic citation for talking on the phone. Complaints have surfaced regarding drivers who don't answer calls while driving to pick passengers up. Being respectful of your driver will make ridesharing a fun and exciting experience.

Enjoy ridesharing and take advantage of the text messaging feature to improve pickup errors involving GPS issues. Good luck!