Thursday, March 13, 2014

Misconception of Ridesharing Services

Often enough, we read reckless comments condemning ridesharing services. These people are uninformed about what ridesharing really means and how this service has changed many lives for the better. Their primary goal is to discourage people from partaking in ride sharing.

Ask any real person why they enjoy ride sharing services. Ride sharing users will tell you how ride sharing expanded their city travels. Uber, Lyft and Sidecar are companies who provide reliable rides to people requesting on-demand transportation.

Why do people take ride sharing services? They take this service to get to work. Many passengers are running late to job interviews, meetings, work, dinner and other engagements. Can they really depend on a taxi service when they have 10 minutes to reach a destination? We seriously doubt it.

When have you seen a taxi cab reach a passenger within a few minutes? Almost never. Taxi drivers complain way too much instead of devising a way to compete against their foes. We would never call a cab to take us to a place we need to reach right away. Ride sharing passengers have expressed their disgust in taxi companies. It is an archaic service that is currently a widespread problem in most cities across the world.

Taxi services are effective when an ample supply of cabs are available within the vicinity. But for the most part, the taxi industry's argument against ride sharing drivers choosing only rides they want is a deception. Ride sharing drivers are held accountable for all rides. If these drivers reject rides, their acceptance rate will decrease. A low acceptance rate may cause a driver to possibly get deactivated.

Taxi drivers and cab companies have nothing better to do than to target ride sharing drivers. One ride sharing passengers shared that he witnessed taxi drivers harassing rideshare drivers, even taking their phones and breaking them to cease their driving operation. Taxi drivers also try to make ride sharing drivers hit them by stopping and starting in front of these cars. Quite a few passengers witnessed this unethical act, so taxi drivers shouldn't lose their temper over a pointless topic.

Cab drivers should stop rejecting rides to areas they may view as risky and unprofitable. Why would a taxi turn down a ride to make $40? It is possible that taxi drivers want to avoid furthermost areas. They can earn more money taking quicker fares from bars to local neighborhoods rather than haul drunken passengers to a distant district where rides are unavailable at the destination point.

Ride sharing services are much cheaper than cabs. These transportation services don't request their passengers to tip drivers. This cashless system is performed through the ride sharing app; passengers never worry about paying for their rides. Drivers are easily tracked on the app, which eliminates any confusion regarding unjustified cancellations. The app charges a competitive price that is very affordable.

Not every person uses ride sharing services to get around. It is a small user base as compared to those who use city transportation services. Taxi drivers are acting immature toward ride sharing drivers. These app users still take taxis to the airport as well as to get home. The transportation industry is a multibillion dollar operation. There is plenty of business to go around.

Ride sharing services offer the general public an alternative to get a ride. The convenience of requesting a ride where a driver is understanding is priceless. A driver will take a passenger to multiple destinations to do errands. They will drop-off or pick-up passengers at any location.

Cab drivers must realize that innovation is the essence of modernity. Traditional practices must catch up or lose out. Taxi drivers are not losing revenue because of ride sharing services. Until they can show an Excel spreadsheet with income loss, we honestly don't believe that ride sharing is stealing their business.

Experience ride sharing today to test this awesome service. Why drive with robots when you can sit in a cool ride that is customized to meet your ride needs? Don't believe everything you read concerning ride sharing. Have fun ride sharing!

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