Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to avoid picking up the wrong passenger?

Ridesharing drivers are tasked with picking up many passengers. Driving in busy cities such as San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles can be challenging, especially when multiple passengers are requesting many rides in the same exact area. If and when drivers and passengers are connected, it is possible the two are the wrong match.

A few nights ago, a ridesharing car picked up the wrong passenger. Top top it off, the passenger didn't realize they were taking the wrong ride. The intended driver called this passenger to tell them about the ride mixup. If the passenger had experience using a ride sharing app, then they should know that another driver can't contact them.

How do ridesharing drivers avoid picking up the wrong passengers? Drivers and passengers are both responsible for meeting up in the right place. Two ways to reduce wrong ride matches are to have drivers greet their passengers with a "Hello and a name" and for passengers to address their driver by name.

Ridesharing drivers and passengers who follow these steps during the greeting will reduce ride mismatches. Passengers must protect their ride sharing accounts since their credit cards are linked to them. Drivers can eliminate mixups that may create extra work for the support team.

Have fun with providing and taking ride sharing services. Happy riding!