Sunday, March 09, 2014

GPS pickup issues

Discover the address and the pin drop are at opposite locations? Last night, nearly all requests were at different access points than listed on the ride sharing app. If a driver experiences this scenario, they must call their passengers to request their pickup spot. If a driver waits at this pickup spot and doesn't investigate the whereabouts of their passengers, this could impact their ratings.

The passenger icon and GPS dot are extremely accurate. Once the GPS dot reaches the passenger icon, the driver will hear a ding noise. A text message is sent out to the passenger to notify them that their driver has arrived. 

Our best advice to drivers is to wait a few minutes. If this pickup destination is in an alley way or some parking garage area, then contact the passenger to confirm this location. There is GPS problem with the ride sharing app in which the listed address is different than the pickup location. 

Good luck!