Sunday, March 30, 2014

Aggressive taxis driving in San Francisco

Taxi drivers make it a point to drive aggressively in San Francisco. Last night a taxi driver cut me off by passing over a solid lane on a 2-way road. This taxi didn't care if it collided into my vehicle or another car in an opposing lane.

Ridesharing drivers must watch out that taxi drivers don't hit them. The taxi industry's frustration in watching new peer-to-peer transportation policies take shape in California is enough motivation to push ridesharing driver's off the road.

At another time, a taxi driver kept slamming on his breaks to try and make a ridesharing driver hit him. If this driver hit this taxi, then it would've supported the taxi industry's claim that unprofessional drivers are at high risk of causing accidents on the city streets.

For the most part, taxis are reckless drivers who tend to run red lights, speed, cut off drivers, run stop signs and harass ridesharing drivers. The taxi industry won't stop fighting until ridesharing ceases to exist. What taxi drivers don't understand is that innovation will triumph their archaic industry.

Blockbuster and Hollywood Video found out the hard way to not make technological advancements. As a result, RedBox and NetFlix surged ahead of the pack and claimed the movie rental market.

People choose to use ridesharing services. Ridesharing is here to stay.