Friday, February 14, 2014

Cool feature for UberX drivers: Receiving toll charge

As a former Lyft driver, I never noticed any fares - leaving the city of San Francisco through the Bay Bridge - getting assessed a toll charge. However, UberX assesses a $6 toll charge to passengers who leave or enter San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge or Bay Bridge.

Uber is a great ride sharing company. In my honest opinion, their UberX platform is the best out of the three ride-sharing companies, especially since Uber compensates their drivers with the toll charge. I never received toll fees on two past Lyft fares (Oakland and East Bay), which both incidences I paid the toll to re-enter the city.

Prospective UberX drivers will see the benefit in driving for a company that has plenty of platform users. What makes this driving company interesting is their ability to keep a fair amount of cars within distance. All requests are less than a mile, whereas the two other ride-sharing services (Lyft and SideCar) may send requests greater than 20 minutes away.

Why is this 20+ minute time a problem? Passengers who need a ride will grow weary of waiting 20 minutes, even though it's obvious the driver is 3+ miles away and is doing their best to reach their rider(s). By the time the driver reaches their passenger(s), the app user is already frustrated and may give a low rating.

The toll charge is an awesome advantage. I'm not sure whether SideCar charges their riders a toll charge for fares leaving the city through either of the bridges. In my experience with Lyft, I never received toll fees from two rides leaving the city. Two driving summaries will show these rides weren't assessed a toll charge.

UberX is a great ride-sharing service. Their prices are highly competitive (Uber recently reduces UberX prices) to give their users an affordable service. Take a ride with UberX today.

If you plan to drive for UberX, leave your name and phone number in the comment section or email me at so I can refer you to their driving department. Good luck!