Thursday, January 02, 2014

What did Lyft get me for Christmas?

A week before Christmas, Lyft deactivated me as a driver after a drunk girl complained about the directions. She wanted to navigate to her apartment over a mile away. As many know, there are many 1-way streets. She even requested me to drive down 1-way streets, which I refused to do. After a half mile, I pulled over and requested her address. We finally made it to her apartment. However, this 1.7 mile trip frustrated the girl and she left this comment that got me terminated. 

“Well, is really nice and a very good driver but the directions weren't that good. I was going from downtown to the corner of McAllister and Leavenworth which is really short and not more than approw. 1 mile why the route that ended me costing $ 10 was really annoying.” 

If Lyft continues to allow the feedback section to remain, they will lose many good drivers. I'm sure drivers abuse this system with unfairly rating good passengers bad. I've driven a few 4.5 and 4.7 passengers who were great people. 

However, I drove a psycho passenger named Andy (5.0) who went off on me because he was obviously an emotional drunk that experienced a relapse on the freeway. No drivers deserve to take this verbal abuse from unstable Lyft passengers. 

A 5.0 passenger named Spanish Omelette is one of those conceited passengers who will rate a driver a "1" star for her mistaken destination and for talking to her. What happened to the "3" rating that Lyft suggests will not pair the driver and passenger again? 

Thank you Lyft for my early Christmas present! A deactivation is the best gift a driver could ever ask to get.