Saturday, January 04, 2014

The Pink Mustache is overrated

Lyft's Facebook page place too much emphasis on their Pink Mustache and not enough on transporting passengers. How many Lyft passengers unfairly rated a driver for talking to them? Quite a few passengers have used the rating system to lower the overall ratings of drivers at Lyft.

Lyft is recognized as social networking on wheels. Many passengers expressed their dislike in socializing while driving inside a private vehicle. Spanish Omelette is a Lyft user who is one of these uneducated passengers with a lack of understanding in how her "1" rating ruined a driver's future.

The Pink mustache is dangerous to put on the dashboard. When driving down large San Francisco hills and during rainy nights, this mustache gets in the way and limits visibility. If a Lyft driver attempts to use the heating element to defrost the windshield, the Pink mustache blocks this warm airflow.

The Pink mustache flaps up in the air at speeds greater than 30 MPH. It can flap up at lower speeds when the wind catches underneath this dorky company emblem. Nevertheless, Lyft banks their ride-sharing image on this Pink mustache.

Passengers are overexposed to this Pink mustache and fist bumping.  These two requirements make driving at Lyft a goofy experience. For some unknown reason, Lyft has captured a large user base with their marketing. It is probably Lyft paying AdWords on SideCar, Uber and other ride-sharing companies. Type any keyword related to ride-sharing and you may see a Lyft ad display.

See the image below with SideCar and you can clearly see a Lyft ad.

The image below shows another Lyft ad underneath the keyword Uber.

In our opinion, Lyft is using their competition's names to advertise their ads. We suppose we can give Lyft's marketing team credit for beating this Pink mustache into the public's heads. 

This ride-sharing company continues to expand their services into new markets. Within a few years, we may see Lyft in Italy, London,  Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo and other international cities. 

In any case,  this doesn't change the fact that their Pink mustache is overrated and fist bumping is goofy.