Sunday, January 19, 2014

SideCar rides are shorter

SideCar drivers may notice that $8 rides arrive often. On Lyft, the drivers have access to many rides greater than $15. Why is this happening? 

Receiving ride quotes ahead of time may reduce potential business. With SideCar, the cost is already predetermined unless the passenger changes the dropoff location.

On the flip side, passengers have no clue about cost and must compare the cost of their ride from previous lyfting experiences. There is greater potential to make money as a Lyft driver than with SideCar. 

A Lyft passenger may have no idea their ride will cost them $25. If this same passengers had access to a $25 quote at SideCar, then this cost may change their mind. 

It is like seeing the cost of cocktail drinks at restaurants. If the price is listed, a guest may elect to not order a drink. Will you purchase at cocktail drink for $11-13? If you didn't know the price, you may just focus on the appeal of this drink rather than cost. 

One Lyft passenger got a Lyft driver terminated based on her faulty feedback involving cost and directions. No Lyft driver should ever be terminated on shady feedback that is aimed at cost - cancellation fee and directions. 

As a SideCar driver, you will see a higher frequency of $8 rides. These rides will pay you $6.40 after the 20% commission. 

If you drive far to reach these riders, you may find yourself only giving a few rides per hour at this donation amount. Shrink your request radius to stay within a specific mile radius. It wouldn't make sense to drive 25 minutes to pickup a rider who may be a "no show" or cancel the ride after 4 minutes. 

Lyft drivers could potentially make $70 or more working a few hours on Sunday afternoon. It is easy to get 5 rides in a few hours. These rides may average $14 per fare. However, SideCar rides rarely exceed $20 and are mainly $8-$13.