Friday, January 03, 2014

Lyft driver tip to avoid Community Review Flag in first 25 rides

Are you a new Lyft driver who just received your welcome kit? Ready to schedule your first driver shift? Just so you know, avoid working your first three shifts on the late weekend hours.

Drunk passengers are incapable of giving you a good rating. If you receive lower than 4.80 in the first 25 rides and/or a 4.5 rating, expect to receive a Community Review flag. This ratings flag is your first warning, where a third flag will get you deactivated as a driver.

Good luck trying to get reinstated because this will never happen. The Performance Review Team will never review your case. Their main goal is to ensure their drivers maintain high ratings, even though these drivers can be creepy, unsafe, and rude, according to past Lyft passengers and current SideCar users.

Trust our advice when we inform you not to work your first 3 shifts during late weekend hours. Once you pass this 25 ride mark with a good star rating score, you must then maintain a high rating score the next 100 rides. Do yourself a favor and gauge your passengers for the best ratings possible. Make sure these passengers understand how important this rating system is and that you will return the favor, as well.

Apparently, Lyft has no clue how to inform their passengers of the rating system. Therefore, passengers are empowered to rate drivers low and write reckless feedback that will eventually get a Lyft driver deactivated.

The following Community Review flags will occur:

1st warning: After 25 rides and score below 4.80. 
2nd warning: Last warning if rating is below 4.80 for first 100 rides
3rd flag: automatic deactivation with an e-mail to follow several hours later

New Lyft drivers are recommended to drive during the day and early evening hours during the weekday. Once you give 25 rides and feel comfortable giving rides, schedule a few weekend shifts. Friday and Saturday night shifts up until 3am are the busiest and most profitable. You can also make good money working Sunday afternoon and early evening. A typical Sunday afternoon and early evening shift can earn you $150 for about 5 hours of straight driving with around 12 rides.

Good luck new Lyft drivers. Prevent the Community Review Flag by driving safe, using a good navigation app, spoil your drivers, don't talk too much and don't trust passengers to navigate you because if they get lost they will blame this mistake on you. Now, you are ready to begin ridesharing.