Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lyft driver disadvantage

If you are familiar with Lyft, you must slide the "start" button to begin a ride. Furthermore, you must slide to end the Lyft ride. As a former Lyft driver, a few rides were started later or not at all. Lyft support is unreliable with handle feedback concerning rides that were started too early, late, or not started.

According to a former Lyft driver, this slide button lost donations on two rides. For example, this driver drove 5 miles without starting the Lyft and another time they made a pickup in the Tenderloin District. Both times this driver focused on safety and directions, which made them forget to start the rides on time or not at all.  

You won't this mistake on SideCar. If you don't press the passenger button, the app won't give you the destination. Therefore, a SideCar driver doesn't have to worry that a ride never started or was not activated at the right time. Without pressing the "passenger in" button, the app won't provide directions to the final destination. 

Lyft drivers are at a disadvantage. Because this flawed ride sharing app depends on manually starting a ride,  this option has influenced their drivers to lose money. If drivers attempt to report this problem, Lyft support will ignore it. Needless to say, it takes persistence to get a reliable response. Eventually, Lyft support will adjust any trips started late, not at all, wrong routes taking longer, and other trip issues.

Our best advice for Lyft drivers is to slide the button the moment passenger enters a vehicle. After passengers settle inside the vehicle, request the directions to start the ride. At the drop-off location, end the Lyft once the passenger(s) exit the vehicle. 

With SideCar, the ride app can avoid the pitfalls experienced at Lyft.