Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Lyft 98.1 radio advertisement

Many Lyft drivers listen to FM 98.1. On Friday nights, this radio station plays totally 80's music. While driving back to San Francisco past noon today, we heard a Lyft ad spot that is totally deceptive. It doesn't share the real truth about driving for this ride-sharing company.

Every prospective driver should know that driving people around on weekends can be very stressful. These Lyft passengers will compare new drivers to older drivers. Furthermore, Lyft passengers are prepared to rate low and leave negative comments the moment a driver makes a wrong turn, talks too much, takes too long to reach a pickup spot and doesn't do enough to impress the passenger. 

The female actress who voiced this Lyft radio ad mentioned that Lyft drivers could make $35-40 an hour having fun. This is another deceptive ad trick to attract new drivers. It is tough to make $35 an hour on a consistent basis and earning $1000 per weekend takes driving at least 30-35 hours per weekend. How can you work this many hours when Lyft places a 10 hour per day cap?

If you have a primary job, you won't start working Friday night until about 8pm or after. Will you have enough energy to work into the late am hours? Do you know that you will be driving drunk passengers, some which attempt to take open alcohol containers inside your car and pile more than the maximum riders. You have to remind riders to wear a seat belt. Moreover, these out-of-control passengers will blast your stereo system loud and say vulgar things to dining guests positioned outside of restaurants. 

Also, it is important to share that passengers want to stuff more people into your vehicle. If you deny this riders, they are likely to rate you low. One group asked if they could smoke inside a new luxury vehicle, which the driver kindly rejected this request. Open containers and drunk riders are two concerns that makes driving for Lyft a nightmare experience. 

The female voice on the Lyft radio ad also shared that you just tell Lyft where you are and this enables you to pick up people who need to go to various places such as UCSF, the airport and other locations. There is a vaguely true claim. You just don't tell Lyft where you are at. For the most part, you must sign up for hours and actually work the city of San Francisco or any approved area as a job. If there are too many drivers signed up, you will not be permitted to drive in that hour.

At one time, you could sign up for any hours you preferred to work, though the maximum 10 hours per day and 70 hours per week were still in effect. 

You are basically an on-demand driver who utilizes the Lyft platform to connect with riders. Don't ever think you're an employee of Lyft, especially if you attempt to purchase a car, rent an apartment or plan to get some form of credit. Essentially, a Lyft driver is an independent contractor. Lyft employees will do everything in their power to make this (you're not a Lyft employee) known. 

Why does Lyft reiterate that their drivers are not employees? This is probably reinforced to protect the company from offering any benefits of any type to drivers. Plain and simple, Lyft drivers are not employees of Lyft, nor do they receive any benefits. 

Whereas you can make $1,000 in a weekend as a Lyft driver, don't think this is an easy goal. It is not. It's obvious that in this 98.1 commercial spot, you must work 25 to 28.57 hours on the weekend to earn $1,000. Are you capable of driving this many hours between Friday-Sunday. Do you know that many Sundays have been so slow that working 5 hours will only make you less than $20 an hour? 

Lets not forget that you may find yourself driving a few hundred miles or more. On one Saturday night, a driver spent $70 on gas. Even though this driver earned $316 in 6 hours, their gas and toll cost eliminated 25% of the money earned. Another 30% should be put away to pay taxes. 

The worst part of driving as a Lyft driver is the uninformed passengers who think giving a "1" score will never match them with a particular driver. Do these passengers know that their low ratings and reckless feedback have nonetheless caused drivers to get terminated? Will you take the chance to think this $1,000 will last forever and then get deactivated when you need this money the most? 

The Lyft radio commercial is another marketing trick to get more drivers to feed the demand. On weekend nights, expect to drive many drunk people. These drunk people will not hesitate to vomit inside your personal vehicle. You will lose a significant amount of money if a passengers yacks in your ride. Imagine cleaning up the chinks of vomit marinated in alcohol. Trust us when we say this is not a pleasant experience. It is the worst possible way to spend a Saturday night. 

Bring your vomit bags. Have candy, phone chargers, bottled waters, catchy theme, Pink mustache and any else ready to begin lyfting on the weekend. The radio spot is already telling you that driving for Lyft earns a driver $35-40 an hour. The average amount we see if around $31-35 an hour. Lyft assigns dollar amounts to specific hours, where a driver can expect to average these amounts if they give rides. There is no guarantee a Lyft driver can make this amount unless they accept passenger requests and give enough rides to total these amounts. 

Saturday night is possibly the best night to work. There are $40 hours available between 11-2am. The most passenger requests arrive at this time, so drivers are constantly driving straight through the night. What happens if you work on a busy night and no gas stations and stores are allowing you to use a restroom? Will you take a risk to use the restroom in an alley way with SFPD around? This happened to drivers on New Year's Eve. 

Can see yourself driving 8 hours in a night without a break? Sitting in your car driving up large hills and busy downtown streets on Market and Mission streets is no fun and games. You must watch out for bicycles, buses, taxis, pedestrians, homeless people, mentally unstable individuals. J-walkers, and everything else that goes on during weekend nights. On one occasion, a drunk guy looking like a Walker from the Walking Dead wobbled across a busy street with cars whipping around him at 40 MPH. Homeless people enjoy walking across the street without waiting for their turn.  

Think about the risks involved driving in busy cities. Are you ready to make $1000 per weekend? Do you think that you can drive 25.28.57 hours per week? We can honestly tell you that driving 8 hours straight is physically draining. It is no fun and games. You may get excited to see your driver summary in the morning, but just cautious that many Lyft passengers are uneducated about the rating system. Lyft drivers are subject to getting deactivated because passengers are irresponsible with giving a fair rating. 

Would you trust a drunk rider with your future? One drunk passenger named Andy actually exploded on a driver for talking to him. Once the rain began pouring, this passenger told the driver he would be quiet and just allow them to drive. When this downpour stopped, the driver started to talk. At the end of this ride, this passenger offered to provide positive feedback. He went crazy to the point in which spit flew from his mouth. Do you want to take a chance to drive on weekends? 

Have we ever seen a driver summary of an individual who made $1,000 in a weekend. No. No matter what, you must work over 30 hours per weekend without any breaks to earn this money. With a 10 hour per day time cap, how is this possible? Do you believe everything you hear? If you do, then Lyft is for you. Want more information that Lyft passengers are rude and unbearable riders? 

Listen to former Lyft drivers who got deactivated after their overall rating dropped to 4.79. You can have the most positive attitude and passengers will still rate you low. The cost of gas and the wear and tear your vehicle will take is enough to reconsider driving for Lyft. 

Using a luxury car for 3 weeks up and down the San Francisco hills burned the oil enough to need another oil change after 3 weeks. Synthetic oil changes are expensive. Now, the brakes are about to go out and need to be serviced. It is rough on your vehicle to drive in San Francisco. 

There are times you may receive a request from Twin Peaks to pick riders up at the Marina. You may communicate with these passengers by phone the entire time to tell them you're on your way there. Once you reach this destination, the passengers lack enough decency to stick around. They refuse to cancel you because they already know there is a $5 fee. Therefore, you must cancel them as a no-show in order to move on to the next request.

In the world of ridesharing, Lyft is an unpleasant experience. You may tell your passengers driving for Lyft is an awesome experience just to say positive things. However, the truth is that their rating system may ultimately get you deactivated from their system. This Performance Team will inform you that you can use their ride-sharing services but no longer be permitted to drive people. 

Driving for Lyft is no fun and games. You may find that driving on weekends is the most stressful event in your life. On any given weekend night, you may have to drive between 20-30+ groups. This involves accepting a request, navigating to the pickup location, greeting the riders with a dorky fist pump, giving them hospitable service like a 5-star hotel, and drive these people to their destination. The Lyft app lacks any functionality for passengers to input a specific destination. 

Why is this a problem? You may come across indecisive riders who need a pickup on a busy downtown street. These passengers may get into a argument trying to determine whether a Lyft or taxi is better. With dozens of cars honking and these passengers verbally fighting in the street, the thrill of this event does not stop there. The Lyft app only shows a pickup location and not a destination. As a result of this, you must try to ask a passenger where they are going. Keep in mind that cars are honking and drivers are yelling at you. 

The lyfting horror stories are infinite. Lyft's Facebook page avoid recanting any of the negative lyfting experiences. If you enjoy driving in an inhibited environment where passengers are empowered to deactivate you, then welcome to Lyft! Poor Taste and Irritating Lyft Advertisement: 98.1...: New Lyft radio commercial is done in poor taste. Hopefully, no Lyft driver is unlucky enough to drive a passenger like this. Whoever author...