Sunday, January 12, 2014

How Uber respects their 4.80 drivers and Lyft terminates 4.79 drivers

On, the transportation company respects their 4.80 drivers. This website shares the stories of a few drivers who used Uber to start a business. What is most interesting is that these drivers have ratings between 4.80 and 4.90. Uber allows a driver to maintain a rating at 4.70 and above to keep driving. See here.

Lyft claims their algorithm doesn't terminate drivers once their rating dips below 4.80. This ride-sharing company is deceiving both passengers and drivers to suggest that receiving a 4.79 - after already getting two Community Review flags - will not get a driver terminated. There are quite a few drivers who have gotten deactivated once the system detects a 4.79 rating.

A former Lyft driver shares their story below: 

I am one of those drivers who woke up on December 15, 2013 and noticed my 4.84 rating dropped to 4.79. Several hours later, I attempted to enter driver's mode to add additional hours. However, Lyft deactivated my driver's account with no warning. I already knew Lyft would deactivate my account that day. It took me sending an e-mail to question this system malfunction to get an explanation. 

Uber is the much better choice. Their 4.70+ minimum rating system is extremely fair. Lyft's 4.79 rating and below is an automatic deactivation. This Pink mustache company is cold since they don't care how hard you work to market their ride-sharing service. Imagine getting terminated a week before Christmas and having no backup plan to weather this unexpected financial storm. That is exactly what Lyft did to me. 

If I drove for Uber, I would be still be driving right now. I'm sure their app users understand how to properly rate the drivers, unlike the clueless Lyft users who are empowered to deactivate drivers. Lyft gives too much influence to their passengers instead of comparing feedback and ratings with drivers. The drivers have no rights at Lyft. You would think driving for Lyft is all fun and games. It is not. The rating system can get you terminated at any time. Passengers do not care if you lose your job. 

Uber is a class act for allowing 4.70 and above. At least their Performance Review team have brains to think with, because we can not say that about Lyft's Perform Review team. How can you get terminated for never giving any passenger a negative experience? 

At Lyft, you are expendable and will eventually get terminated due to drunk riders being unhappy. If you currently drive for Lyft, maximize every shift and never think you will be driving there forever. 

Go drive with Uber. The 4.70 minimum driver rating speaks volumes about their transportation company.

End of Lyft deactivation story.

Wow, Lyft is cold as ice. Maybe this ridesharing company needs to change their Pink Mustache trade dress to Devil horns.

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