Saturday, January 04, 2014

Enjoy the Lyft ads circulating on Google

Have you come across a Lyft ad that claims you can make $35 an hour and have fun driving? We believe you can make $35 an hour driving passengers around San Francisco and surrounding cities. It is a given that you will make $35 an hour on weekend nights.

However, you won't have fun driving drunk people around. Every time you pick up a drunk passenger, you worry as whether these passengers will vomit inside your ride. One female teacher had to quickly open the door and vomit on a Pacific Heights residential street corner. Another guy had this vomit look on his face, where I immediately instructed him to open the door to vomit on Van Ness.

Three weeks ago, a female Chicago native getting picked up after a Christmas party burped and you could smell this rancid alcohol and acid scent. I had to roll down both back windows to get rid of the nasty smell. Many other vomit episodes have taken place, making ride-sharing for Lyft stressful at night

Driving for Lyft is no fun and games. Their passengers have no idea how to rate drivers. As a result of this, the passenger can score their driver a "1" star and a few of these low ratings will eventually get a driver deactivated from Lyft without any explanation. A "1" star in the first 25 rides will trigger a Community Review flag. Two more of these "1" star ratings will cause a second flag to hit. The third and final flag is an automatic deactivation.

If you think making $35 an hour driving needy, drunk, and conceited passengers around is fun, sign up to drive for Lyft today. Don't forget you have to display the Pink mustache and never forget to fist bump your passengers during the initial greeting and once they exit the vehicle. Lyft drivers who don't impress their passengers like the previous driver will get a low rating.

Lyft is a magnet for vomit riders. Use a vehicle that you don't mind getting vomit inside.

Keep cleaning supplies inside your trunk to confront any immediate cleanup needs. Good luck ride-sharing for Lyft. Have fun making $35+ per hour as a Lyft driver!