Saturday, January 04, 2014

Do you have 22.85 hours available on weekends?

Are you available to work 22.86 hours on the weekend? Will you have enough energy to drive the weekend after a long work week? If so, you can make $800 working 22.85 hours at $35 per hour. The average amount a Lyft driver can make is $35 per hour.

All you need is a 4-door vehicle that is 2000 and after this year. Your car must be in good working condition. You must have a clean background free of any major felonies, DUIs, red light fines, speeding tickets and other infractions where this could pose a risk for the Lyft passengers.

Will you have the energy to drive at least 23 hours per weekend. This means you must work at least 6 hours on Friday night, 10 hours on Saturday and 7 hours on Sunday. After completing 23 hours, you will go back to work your permanent job on Monday morning.

Furthermore, a Lyft driver will have to spend money on gas, goodies to give passengers, and maintenance repairs. A Lyft driver may need to change their oil once a month, require brake service, and other repairs in result of in-city driving and steep hills. Driving in San Francisco relies on skill, patience, being safe, and staying alert the entire time.

Sold on making $800 a weekend? Lyft makes it seems as if making $800 is easy. If you don't live close to San Francisco, you will spend more money on gas commuting and absorb toll expenses. There are a lot of expenses involved with ride-sharing. You will eventually realize that ride-sharing is not that profitable.

Want to still drive for Lyft? You will probably see their $800 weekend ads on this website or on Google. Good luck!