Sunday, January 26, 2014 and its nonprofit Carsharing

While filling up my gas tank a few weeks ago, I noticed a female driver putting gas in a car with a sticker that read "" on the side fender. After a few weeks trying to remember the name of this company, I finally located through a Google search. This organization is a San Francisco-based carsharing nonprofit organization that is committed to shrinking the number of cars driven on the road. provides membership plans to accommodate college students and faculty members, and other groups with efficient cars within the city. This nonprofit organization is building a coalition to reduce the number of cars on the roads. As a result of this organization, members saved millions on car costs and also helped improve the environment with reducing emissions.

Carsharing is definitely an alternative to owning a vehicle. If you want to drive a specific car every time, then you have the option to do so. is flexible, as choosing a car is made simple. Membership fees are much lower than what an individual will pay to maintain a personal vehicle. The cost of maintenance, monthly payments, and parking can making owning a vehicle an expensive.

Want to drive yourself at a low monthly cost? is an efficient way to go shopping, travel to work, go out to dinner and watch movies. Check out this organization to learn more about what is carsharing?