Saturday, December 28, 2013

Why would any person want to rent out their car for $175-$200 a week?

There are car renting services where a car owner can rent out their vehicle to another party for $175-$200. is one of these ride-sharing type of rentals. It functions like most of these peer-to-peer apps to connect a renter with the owner. Renters can choose to rent by the hour, per day and weekly. Why would any person want to rent out their car for $175-$200?

Compare relay rides to Lyft. Would you rather rent out your car for $200 per week or work 20 hours on the weekend to make $750? In these 20 hours, you can ensure your car will be safe. How do you know if the renters are not smoking inside your car? Mashing your gears? Driving all crazy?

Nancy from the Lyft Performance Department suggested Relay Rides as a fallback to Lyft. This girl is seriously unintelligent for mentioning Relay Rides and Task Rabbit as an alternative to Lyft. These two companies are not stable jobs where you can make thousands of week. $750-$2000 in weekly earnings at Lyft far outweigh $175-$200 per week at Better yet, you can't keep an eye on your car and won't have a peace of mind that your car won't get treated like crap.

The only real value we see in renting out a vehicle to another private party is if you own many vehicles and can afford to lease a few to make monthly revenue. Never lease out your best vehicle. If the leaser gets into an accident, you may have a serious problem on your hands. We all know that a car is never the same after an accident.

Smart suggestion Nancy at Lyft. If you would open your eyes and think, then you wouldn't make that dumb comment after refusing to properly evaluate poor passenger feedbacks and ratings that are obviously flawed. Do you know that one Lyft rider left a "1" star rating for a $5 cancellation fee?

If you never give a passenger a ride and they cancel because they change their mind to take a Lyft, how can you allow a "1" rating on a ride that never took place? Probably because you can't perform your job properly. We will give you credit though for knowing how to tie wires on a car grill. 5 stars for that job. It lasted a few months until deactivation.

Think about the risk of renting your vehicle to a third party. There is little money to be made. What happens if the renter gets into a serious accident? We think you may be liable since you own this car? How reliable is peer-to-peer companies with their insurance? Well, you may find out once another individual crashes your vehicle and causes a chain reaction of possible debt.