Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Why is SideCar better than Lyft?

Lyft is overrated. Their pink mustaches and fist bumps are cheesy. Confused passengers in Lyft rides are clueless to their destination. They question an address in which they gave a Lyft driver prior to lyfting. The problem with Lyft is that a driver must input the destination into GPS.

Picking up passengers on a busy street such as California in San Francisco can potentially be dangerous if they are slow to enter the vehicle and are unsure of their destination.

SideCar is far better with direction. The passenger is quoted on the ride. They input pickup and the destination. All a SideCar driver needs to do is tap on the 'Passenger Inside' orange button and hit the navigation arrow. The SideCar driver can choose the default GPS, which we believe is Google Maps.

Lyft has gone mainstream for some unknown reason. We believe their goofy pink mustache and themes are responsible for this wild growth. Lyft drivers can make good money lyfting on the weekend during 'Power Hours' that provide 100% of all earnings. However, the destination issue is a major safety concern that may cause an accident if distracted motorists crash into a Lyft car on a busy street.

Why would this happen? Because the Lyft driver trying to input a destination into the GPS, they are blocking a busy lane where drivers are trying to pass through.

SideCar does not have a GPS/address problem. Their ride-sharing company may not be as hip as Lyft, but their service is far superior in providing a relaxing ride without all the expectations the pink mustache company expects of drivers.

Lyft is light years behind the ride-sharing movement without a predetermined destination. Maybe Lyft wants to make additional money allowing the passengers and drivers to create longer rides. Who really knows the reason Lyft hasn't revised their platform to accept destinations?

Whatever the case, SideCar seems to be the safest choice in regards to their destination offering.

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