Saturday, December 21, 2013

Why is Lyft making lyfting a stressful experience?

The ridesharing platform Lyft is known for their pink mustache. Their ride-sharing app has created a unique way to take part in lyfting. Passengers can request the closest Lyft driver, who can accept or reject this request. However, Lyft monitors the driver's acceptance and this ensures that a high percentage of rides are given to their passengers.

What makes Lyft an uncomfortable experience for a driver is their flawed rating system. Lyft conceals this feedback, which makes it impossible for any particular driver to determine their problem areas. Currently, Lyft changed their feedback system to share a few good and a few bad comments.

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The Lyft driver is usually walking on pins and needles since riders are empowered to rate a driver low. This is a terrible feedback system because most businesses are not even rated as high as Lyft expects of their drivers. Any score below a 4.80 will get a Lyft driver deactivated. 

We all know that deactivation basically means termination or getting fired. Want solid proof that Lyft deactivates a driver account after a rating score reaches below 4.80? See below. 

"We want to thank you for the time you've taken to be a part of the Lyft driver community. As you know, in our constant effort to create a positive and safe community, driver accounts are continually monitored for ratings, passenger feedback and any reports of safety concerns. The star rating system allows us to identify drivers who are not performing to community standards.

As you've seen in the feedback provided in your daily and weekly driving summary emails, your star rating has been consistently low, falling well below our community standards. Unfortunately, because your ratings have not improved, your driver account is no longer active. You may still use the Lyft app as a passenger, but you will no longer be able to enter driver mode or access other driver tools.

You will receive any remaining passenger donations in your next scheduled direct deposit.

Please feel free to contact with any questions.
The Lyft Community Review Team" 

If you were a Lyft driver who moved to the city and purchased a car to do the Lyft, how would you feel after this deactivation due to drunk and entitled passengers? Most people know that many obnoxious drunks use Lyft. Former Lyft drivers are getting a bad wrap. These ineffective emails concerning low ratings have no substance to guide drivers. 

Are you a former Lyft driver who got terminated after a passenger gave you an unfair rating? Want to know what rating got you terminated? We know exactly what rating can get a driver deactivated. 

According to a former Lyft driver, a drunk foreign girl who is attending an art school in the city gave reckless feedback and a low star rating. This driver asked if this female passenger wanted to navigate them or should they input this address in GPS. She decided to navigate this driver, but then couldn't figure out how to reach her home. Therefore, the driver quickly stopped their vehicle on the side of the road and inputted the right directions. 

This girl didn't understand that they can't turn down a one-way street. Because the female rider didn't know what street to turn down and this delayed the driver from reaching her cross-street, this girl gave the driver a low rating and complained about their directions. This driver has given hundreds of rides and has no problems navigating trips in the city. Lyft recommends that drivers allow their riders to choose the smoothest route and/or to let them navigate. 

However, drunk Lyft passengers are the worst people to drive. One Lyft passenger on a rainy night a few weeks ago went ballistic on a driver. He was obviously an emotional drunk who respects Lyft and their drivers, but challenged their social demands while driving. He said that drunk people don't care about talking and just want to get home safely. This drunk passenger got home safely. What is his problem? Why do Lyft passengers think they can treat drivers like scum?    

Read below: 

These two negative comments and low ratings got a driver deactivated - 

“Well, is really nice and a very good driver but the directions weren't that good. I was going from downtown to the corner of McAllister and Leavenworth which is really short and not more than approw. 1 mile why the route that ended me costing $ 10 was really annoying.” 

Our thoughts: (Does this girl know that distance from a pin is not the actual driving distance? There are many one-way roads in downtown. This girl told the driver to drive down a few one-way roads, so it's obvious she was too drunk to know better. Lyft accepted this feedback and deactivated this driver. Their past 100 rated trips dipped from 4.80 to 4.79. 

This comment was a passive aggressive response that should have been thrown out. This driver thanks this Dutch girl for getting them deactivated for a fare that cost them a few more dollars than their usual amount. Do passengers know that they can travel 10 feet and this will cost them $6? 

If this girl would have just allowed this driver to perform their job, they would still be lyfting people around SF. This driver wants to send a special message to the Dutch girl, "Merry Christmas to you. Karma never misses."  

“Talks too much” (Probably another drunk passenger with a social problem). 

Lyft places too much emphasis on their star rating system. They base their ridesharing platform on high ratings and low ratings. According to Lyft's Performance Department, a 4.79 is at the lowest 5 percent of their driver pool. Most people would consider a 4.80 rating a good score.

Former drivers understand the rating system weeds out bad drivers, but good drivers are sometimes thrown into the pot to cook. Our best advice is that all drivers must avoid making any sudden moves to big cities to drive for Lyft. Don't depend on Lyft. Make this ridesharing service a secondary form of income. This deactivated driver stated that it would have been a nightmare to have a $2000+ a month apartment in the Marina and depend on Lyft to survive. To get deactivated right after this move would have been the perfect storm. They thank God this didn't happen. 

Lyft's Performance Department will never share any feedback. They give their drivers broad hints rather than descriptive details on how to improve ratings. How can Lyft drivers improve their score? According to Alex at Lyft, this driving manager recommends that if this driver gets reactivated they should avoid driving the late hours. Isn't that what Lyft needs - drivers to meet the high demand during the late weekend hours where 30% of requests are unmet? 

What is it then? Do Lyft drivers work the power hours? Or do they avoid the highest rated hours to make chump change during the weekdays and still have their job as a Lyft driver? This is a confusing topic, especially when drivers and a Performance Review department are divisive in handling this disparity.

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