Thursday, December 26, 2013

What is Lyft without the Pink Mustache?

Lyft is banking on their pink mustache. The craze to take Lyft is overrated. SideCar is far cheaper than Lyft. With SideCar, you can take a ride from 28th ave to Golden Gate Ave. for $15. The same ride with Lyft would cost you more than this fare. You can also take SideCar from the Presidio to North Beach for $14-15.

Lyft rides are good for the driver. However, the passengers pay slightly below a taxi ride and more than a SideCar ride.

Lyft drivers make good money. They can earn greater than $34+ an hour lyfting during Weekend hours. Saturday night is the best possible day to work, although Sunday afternoon and early evening are also a good time to drive. On my last Sunday with Lyft on December 8, I drove for 4.4 hours to make $148. I took a 2 hour break between the 1 hour 45 minute and 3 hours shifts.

What is Lyft without a Pink mustache? Lyft is just another ride sharing service. They put pressure on their drivers to make every ride unique. How can you entertain a drunk? Drunk people who drive with Lyft are the worst people. This drunk bunch seem to come out of the woodwork. Lyft drivers can tell you firsthand that these drunks will vomit in your car without a care in the world.

However, a pretty intoxicated female rider who is a teacher actually showed some respect to roll down the window. She attempted to vomit outside of the car. I told her to open the door to vomit on a nice residential street corner in Pacific Heights. She was embarrassed for having to vomit with me watching. I turned away and told her not to worry. This rider worried I would give her a "1" rating. I said I would make sure to give her a 5 for showing some respect.

Lyft tells their drivers to socialize with passengers. On the contrary; Lyft passengers rate the drivers low for talking too much. What does the Pink mustache company want? Talk or don't talk? What is it?

Lyft depends on the Pink mustache. Their dorky fist bumps and pink mustache make lyfting a frustrating process. The Pink mustache can cause a car to overheat since it blocks the outflow of heat from the engine. If you put this mustache on the dashboard, it can obstruct your view.

Passengers dislike the fist bump. The $1000 weekend ads are deceiving. It would take at least 33 hours of weekend work to make $1,000. How many full-time employees have 33 hours available to drive random people around? To top it off, how can you work 33 hours on the weekend if Lyft places a 10 hours per day cap on hours to ensure safety.

Lyft is just a mustache without a brain. They know how to market their service to gullible riders. If you want your car to smell like alcohol and vomit, be our guest. Just maybe the Pink mustache will serve its purpose to clean the vomit the drunks leave behind.