Saturday, December 28, 2013

SideCar Passenger rates Lyft drivers 4 ratings all the time

A recent SideCar passenger had no idea that rating a Lyft driver 4 stars could cause a future deactivation. He indicated that he assumed 4 stars was a good rating. He never rated 5 stars, which would only happen if the Lyft driver served him dinner. We all know that Lyft riders are not equipped with a George Foreman grill to make a tender, juicy Filet Mignon.

Steak and Lobster
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Lyft riders are uneducated about the impact of their feedback and ratings. If drivers gauge Lyft riders to get a 5 star, this rider may get irritated and potentially rate a "1" star to avoid them in the future. SideCar is an awesome ride-sharing service which makes driving in the city of San Francisco a memorable experience. Passengers input their destination, making navigation in a busy city a safe process. Lyft is backwards in directions, as their riders take too long to figure out their destination.

Lyft creates this unwanted pressure to spoil riders. A driver begins to worry that getting a low rating will deactivate them. They should worry because the Performance Department is a cold-hearted group of Grinches. This core of employees claim they monitor driver accounts to make termination decisions.

However, this statement is inaccurate since many drivers who got deactivated have shared that their last 100 rated trips dropped below 4.80. A 4.79 rating is only a hundredth of a point, but this score will deactivate Lyft drivers. Is it fair to receive a flag for receiving a 4.5 rating on your first 25 rides? No! A Lyft driver is learning how to perform this new driving job, so riders are unfairly rating them against other experienced drivers.

If a Lyft driver fails to spoil the rider, a 1-4 star rating will follow. The Lyft Performance Department use this data to measure their driving community. Navigation, Safety, Friendliness and Cleanliness are the four major categories. If a driver eventually gets flagged for each of these categories or receives a few unjustified complaints on safety and navigation paired with a 4.79 rating, a Community Review flag will hit their account to deactivate them. It takes three times to strike out at Lyft.

Imagine getting ready to work a busy Sunday shift. Once this driver attempts to login into their account, they discover that it reads, "How to become a driver" below their profile. They realize that this means they have been deactivated from Lyft. No e-mail warns them of this deactivation until after this revelation.

Several hours later, Lyft has the nerve to send their former drivers an e-mail to thank them for their service and that they can use their app to request rides. Why would a former Lyft driver use Lyft when the ride-sharing company is cold? Even a start-up company has more emotion than Lyft.

Lyfting people across the city of San Francisco every weekend is not enough to wow Lyft. This SideCar passenger now understands that rating a Lyft driver 3 and 4 stars can cause severe implications. Lyft fails to educate their passengers on what can potentially happen if they rate their drivers low. Spanish Omelette is one of these cruel evil Lyft riders who rates a "1" just because she has no personality and lacks common sense with giving the right directions.

Beware of Lyft passengers that rate low. Remind them that other drivers have gotten deactivated for these low ratings. 4.79 is actually a high rating in the service sector, but Lyft expects 4.90-5.0 drivers. This is a fantasy to expect perfection when driving drunk passengers home puts them at risk.

One drunk passenger scolded a Lyft driver for talking to him. This passenger was friendly at first, but then got quiet once the rain started to pour down. At the drop-off point, this passenger offered positive criticism to his Lyft driver. He stated that they are great at what they do and he cares about the company (Lyft), but there are not low enough stars to rate this driver low enough. He would give his driver a negative rating because they talked to him under what he perceived as extreme conditions. This passenger started a conversation and wanted to keep talking until the rain poured down. He stated that all drunk passengers want is to get home safely and that people are dying on this night with the rain pouring down. What triggered this crazy passenger to get all emotional?

The Lyft driver drove this passenger safely home. They kept their eyes on the road. It is quite possible this emotionally drunken passenger got a relapse from driving in the rain. Seeing the cars almost swerve into medians triggered fear in his mind. Who knows what sparked this passenger to blow a fuse? During the ride, the passenger got quiet and told the Lyft driver that he will allow them to drive. After the rain stopped, the rider never socially responded again until the emotional outburst in the end.

Are Lyft drivers expected to be counselors? They are driving many personalities around the city. Impossible riders are hard to please. Lyft drivers have listened to passengers complaining about their life, taxis and the city. These Lyft drivers provided advice to many riders to help them resolve their relationship problems and employment issues.

Lyft's Performance Department need to be removed for their lack of insight. Their cold responses lack professionalism and information. No Lyft driver understands what to change if feedback and ratings are concealed in a secured Lyft vault. Chances are that Lyft passengers need to change their high standards to fairly rate their drivers. Drivers should be allowed to rate passengers less. Maybe Lyft doesn't want drivers to rate passengers low because rider accounts may get deactivated.

SideCar is the better option for drivers and passengers. Drivers don't have to worry about telling people they can't smoke and drink in the car. SideCar drivers usually drive around pleasant passengers. Lyft riders are drunk and disrespectful. They have no clue how to rate a driver. These riders will rate a driver as unfriendly for being too friendly.

If a person wants to apply as a Lyft driver, just know that a 4.79 rating after 100 rides may cause a driver's account to get deactivated. Make sure you keep that score high. Don't move into an expensive apartment or purchase a vehicle if you are around a 4.84 rating or below. You will regret your decision to make changes because you will assume these earnings will continue driving into your account. Lyft doesn't care about you. They want to transform their ride-sharing company into a billion dollar transportation empire.

Beware of Lyft's poor rating system. The Grinches of ride-sharing have no problem deactivating you. Good luck with trying to convince Lyft that you deserve to be reactivated. It won't happen! Blame Lyft and their passengers for this unfair feedback and rating system. Normally a 4.0 in the service community is awesome. A 4.5 Lyft rider can actually be a great person, whereas 5.0 passengers are high-risk riders with the tendency to vomit inside your ride.

Go lyfting with Uber or SideCar!

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