Saturday, December 28, 2013

SideCar has a favorite option that Lyft lacks

As a ride-sharing passenger, have you ever driven with a really awesome driver? If so, SideCar enables the passenger to favorite this driver so they can be matched up again in the future.

Lyft doesn't have this favorite option, so the only ideal ways to give passengers future rides are by an act of serendipity and/or meeting this driver at a specific location to request them. After 400 rides, you are unlikely to see the same passenger twice. At SideCar, a favorite feature matches the passenger and driver. The next time the passenger needs a ride and this driver is within the area, the two will have a ridesharing reunion. 

A driver and passenger should be connected using the ride-sharing app. Lyft depends on their rating system to prevent future pairings. This flawed system will cause drivers and passengers to get deactivated. 

SideCar allows their drivers to block passengers. On the flip side, passengers can favorite a driver who has given them previous rides. Do you like your driver enough to have them give you a future ride? If you do, use the promo code qjbxk to get $15 off your first SideCar ride. Download the ridesharing app at

Whereas SideCar is not getting nowhere near the business as Lyft, this ride-sharing company is the most reliable choice that compares to BMW and Apple products.