Saturday, December 28, 2013

SideCar has another feature that Lyft doesn't: Blocking passengers

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According to Lyft passengers and drivers, giving a "1" star rating will not match these groups again. Why would Lyft allow a driver and passenger to leave "1" star ratings for rides? This is an abusive system that has gotten many drivers and riders deactivated from using Lyft.

For example, a Spanish Omelette Lyft rider may rate their driver a "1" because she gave the wrong destination and she didn't like the driver talking to her. She could have easily given a "4" star rating. However, this "1" star that she gave caused the driver to get a second Community Review flag from Lyft. We all know that Lyft driver get two warnings, with their last being a deactivation. 

How can Lyft claim that they give them driver three chances? The first warning comes after the first 25 rides. The second warning will reach after 100 rides if this score is below 4.80. The last warning is actually a termination from the driving community. Essentially, Lyft drivers get two warnings and the last is a deactivation. 

A Lyft driver can get deactivated for providing excellent service. Being too friendly is actually a flag for friendliness. How can a driver who is always friendly receiving a flag for being unfriendly. 

Lyft is a backwards ride-sharing company. They think their innovation is far superior. However, their ride-sharing app has severe flaws, especially with allowing drivers and passengers to rate and leave comments. The feedback box is causing drivers and passengers to get deactivated. 

SideCar is innovative with allowing the driver to block a passenger. A driver can choose to select this passenger and block them. Instead of giving this passenger a "1" rating they may not deserve, you can just block them so you don't meet again via ride-sharing. This is a smart feature.

Lyft has no option to enable their passengers to block another ride except rating them "1" star. Another problem with Lyft is that you can't input a destination. Explain this to the girls who were running across California Street fighting amongst one another because they couldn't decide whether to go lyfting or take the taxi. This conflict was all based on saving a few dollars, which resulted in traffic and angry motorists honking their horns. It was an unsafe situation.  

If these Lyft passengers were SideCar users, they would get blocked. They were drunk, disorderly, and indecisive. 5 stars to SideCar for creating an option to block passengers and to input the destination. Smart move! Lyft gets a "1" rating for not having these features.