Friday, December 27, 2013

Run out of Gas? - SideCar is available to drive you

SideCar is a ride sharing service that deserves more exposure. Unfortunately, Lyft is taking all the ride sharing business. Rest assured that SideCar will bridge the gap between the two ride-sharing companies.

If you ever need a ride after running out of gas and you need immediate service, use promo code qjbxk to get $10 off your first ride with SideCar. SideCar is like the Apple of computers and the BMW of cars. You will feel like an executive driving in a SideCar.

Become a new passenger at SideCar to save money and get a comfortable ride without all the forced conversations. Don't want to talk? Tell your driver you want to relax. If you tell a Lyft driver you don't want to talk, you will probably have to explain yourself.

Take a SideCar in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Explore SideCar without having a goofy Pink Mustache blocking your view. No fist bumps to make your ride cheesy. Let SideCar take you on your next ride to the gas station or anywhere else you prefer.

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