Monday, December 30, 2013

Ridesharing tip to saving gas

Do you spend hundreds or thousands per month on gas as a ride-sharing driver? Driving for Lyft, Uber and SideCar can cost you thousands of dollars in gas. Are you constantly moving around the city trying to locate rides? There is a better way to save gas performing these ridesharing services.

Find several places you enjoy hanging around. Use these favorite places to park your ride. During low peak times, you won't waste money driving around the city. Trust us that you will get a request parking at a location. Passenger requests arrive often enough to land you rides.

With Lyft, there is constant demand where you will receive requests a few seconds or minutes after dropping your passenger(s) off at their destination. It may take additional work to get a request with SideCar. Passengers should know that SideCar is a great ride-sharing service that saves money and is fun.

Driving around the city to find rides can waste your gas. When you finally get a request, you may have to drive again to pick up your passenger in a further away location and then have to drive them to their destination. In any given shift, it's possible that you can spend $70-100+ on gas if using a car that gets 19-22 miles a gallon on highway and 14-15 miles per gallon in the city.

Conserve your gas parking at various locations in the city. You will drive less miles to maintain your vehicle. The ride requests will continue to arrive. Good luck!