Saturday, December 21, 2013

Positive Feedback at Lyft before deactivation

On my last shift before deactivation, the following comments were accompanied by 5 stars. Shortly after one negative comment from a drunk girl who shouldn't just avoided leaving this novel, I got deactivated from Lyft.

“The man.”

“Great guy”

“He was awesome a great conversator”

“Hella chill guy. Definitely made my first lyft experience an memorable ride!”

“Thanks man. Good luck with the screen writing. Thanks for the safe ride”

Do these comments suggest I am not a good Lyft driver? Does the Performance Department have an agenda to meet, which in my opinion involves eliminating low-rated drivers to make their numbers look better to upper management? 

The truth is that high-rated drivers are the ones who leave behind passengers in the morning and at night. What if you depended on a Lyft to get to work in the work and the driver was too inpatient to wait? Many Lyft passenges with 5 stars are the worst possible riders. They are uptight, complain, and tend to rush the drivers. I once drove a 4.5 passengers and she was a cool girl. I've driven 4.6 riders who deserve 5 stars. Don't allow this rating system to make you feel less.