Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My rating and scores before deactivation on December 14, 2013

The rating below is my last score after rides given on December 12, 2013. The next day my score dropped to 4.79. The drunk Dutch girl is the sole reason I got deactivated since she was too drunk to navigate me to her home. I had to pull over to input her cross streets in Apple GPS. She wanted me to drive down 1-way streets, which is prohibited in the Apple GPS. 

Whatever the case, she got me terminated over paying $10 rather than $6-8. I would have given her the $10 to shut her mouth. Hopefully, this girl has a good holiday season because she ruined another person's future. Don't be one of these deadbeat passengers who get drunk to complicate another life. 

The passenger rating that got me deactivated: 

“Well,  is really nice and a very good driver but the directions weren't that good. I was going from downtown to the corner of McAllister and Leavenworth which is really short and not more than approw. 1 mile why the route that ended me costing $ 10 was really annoying.”

Thanks drunk Dutch girl. Good luck with your art studies! Merry Christmas to you. 

Final rating score that resulted in termination as a Lyft driver:

E-mail from Nancy from Performance Review Department explaining this deactivation: 

DEC 17, 2013  |  10:53AM PST 
Nancy T. replied:
In our constant effort to create a positive and safe community, driver accounts are continually monitored for ratings, passenger feedback and any reports of safety concerns. The star rating system allows us to identify drivers who are not performing to community standards.

As you’ve seen at the bottom of your driving summaries, your star rating has been consistently low over your most recent rides. Your rating did not show improvement, which means that you are no longer a part of the Lyft driver community.

If you are looking for another source of supplemental income, please see information for other Peer to Peer business models:

Thank you again for your time on the Lyft driver platform and we wish you the best.

Lyft Performance Team

Hopefully Nancy can continue to perform her job at a 5.0 star level. We already know she knows how to tie a pink mustache on the front of a car. Not bad for an individual claiming to be a Lyft driver.  Any person wanting to drive for Lyft should know this company will deactivate you based on passenger ratings. They will never share full details of this deactivation. Their e-mails are vague and too broad.