Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lyft Marketing Gimmick?

Do you believe these famous three celebrities took part in lyfting without any coaching? Conan, Ice Cube and Kevin kept asking questions while lyfting in Los Angeles. The questions and concerns seemed really staged throughout this riding experience.

The Lyft driver was asked questions directed toward robbery, vomiting, and other concerns. This marketing gimmick is a way to incorporate driver and rider fears into this video. Is this a marketing ploy to get more riders?

Should a Lyft driver fear a robbery? How does a driver get paid? Has anyone ever gotten sick inside your car? The Cohan video bite is funny though!

Do people really drink inside a Lyft car? The only reliable way to confirm this is to pull over a random Lyft car full of riders. The truth will tell this tale.

Congratulations to Conan, Ice Cube and Kevin for taking their first Lyft ride.

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