Monday, December 30, 2013

How you can turn a regular trip into an airport ride?

SideCar drivers see that demand is less than Lyft. Lyft seems to have a grasp on the ride-sharing business in San Francisco. However, SideCar has many features that Lyft doesn't. SideCar passengers have asked what makes SideCar and Lyft different.

Yesterday, a new SideCar rider requested a driver. Before accepting this request, they noticed the donation would be $15. Per SideCar's policy, they called this new passenger to welcome the rider to SideCar and told this rider they'll be on their way to pick them up.

This rider asked if they had enough room to handle 4 riders and luggage. They had no problem with this request. Their vehicle has plenty of room to fit the passengers and the luggage.

The driver arrived at the location to pick-up the new rider and his family. They welcomed the new riders to SideCar. Apparently, the new rider's daughter is a regular ride-sharing user. The driver asked the existing ride sharing user where her family were traveling to in the city. She told the driver that her family was heading down to BART, and then to the airport. The cost for BART would be $8 per rider, so the driver calculated this cost and recommended an airport trip.

The driver mentioned that a trip to the airport would be around the same price and they could get there in much less time than getting dropped off at the BART station and having to carry their luggage and bags around.

This driver told her that they can drive the family to SFO, which would be far more convenient. Dropping this group off at BART and then buying a ticket and carrying their luggage would take another hour or two. The new rider agreed that going straight to the airport would be a great idea and thanked the driver for their suggestion. His daughter also discovered that it would be a good idea to take SideCar to the airport at a later time.

Instead of a short trip to BART, the driver turned this into an airport ride. The group enjoyed riding in a nice vehicle, which had no problem driving up the high hills in San Francisco. It handled this group well. They had a cool and interesting conversation about sports, the city and the East Coast.

Because the driver cares about all my riders, they offered this airport suggestion the riders gladly accepted. The SideCar riders will favorite the driver in the future so they ride with them again. This is an option that Lyft lacks. If a passenger dislikes a driver, they can give them a "1" rating.

One female passenger with little experience with Lyft gave a driver a "1" star for talking to her and wrote deceitful feedback for her mistake. The driver dropped her off at the exact location she requested. This driver doubts Apple GPS will miss a destination by 1 mile. Lyft accepted this feedback and rating which got this driver's account flagged for the second time, with the first being after my first 25 rides where this driver was new to ride-sharing and probably got hit for not being experienced like veteran Lyft drivers.

If you don't impress your Lyft passengers, then watch out because they may give you a low rating. THe driver doesn't have that pressure with SideCar. Even though they make far less money driving at SideCar, they enjoy the passengers and the system identifies them as a top-rated driver. That's good to know, especially since Lyft gives their cold treatment in releasing some a week before Christmas and refuse to review their feedback and ratings for accuracy.

Driving this group to SFO was a great experience for the driver. The driver could tell these riders enjoyed the comfort of a quality vehicle, something that Lyft riders won't see again unless they choose to use SideCar. Many Lyft riders always enjoyed the vehicle and really enjoyed the ride. One young man kept laughing because he couldn't believe that he was riding inside a nice car. Unfortunately, Lyft riders won't ride in this comfortable car and will have to choose another ride.

On another occasion, two riders were amazed by the driver's car. They asked if Lyft was compensating for driving this car. They never expected to be driven in a luxury car. There are so many Lyft riders who enjoyed the driver's ride, but a few riders along the way complained about meager issues that Lyft should have not accepted. Lyft's Performance Department accepted a "1" on a cancellation of a rider that a driver never drove.

For the most part, this driver knows how to treat my passengers. At Lyft,  this driver can either talk too much or not enough. Riders can be cold like Lyft's Performance Department. On the opposing side, SideCar riders are awesome to drive and this makes lyfting around the city fun. The driver didn't have fun at Lyft because they worried as to whether passengers would rate them low and write bad comments. It was a bad ride-sharing experience to drive for Lyft.

The SideCar passengers made the driver's weekend with allowing him to to take them to the airport. It was very slow on Saturday and Sunday, so the driver managed to locate good riders and appreciated their requests. Whatever ride-sharing company you choose, there are advantages and disadvantages in using them.

The driver chooses safety and navigation over themes and social interaction. SideCar riders input their destination, a feature that creates a safe trip rather than deal with indecisive Lyft riders on busy downtown streets. SideCar gives their drivers an option to block passengers and passengers can "favorite" their riders. For the first time as a ridesharing driver, the driver drove the same passenger twice. They think that's really cool, since they never see the same person and/or group twice.

The driver appreciates driving this SideCar group to the airport. SideCar enables their drivers to drop passengers off at different destinations, although the rider(s) must give the driver permission. If a restaurant is closed, the passenger may want to go to another location. Once the ride is completed, the ride-sharing app will ask if the passenger requested this destination. If the passenger requested this "C" destination, a third destination is calculated and revises the cost of this trip.

Ride-sharing with SideCar is much more fun for drivers and passengers. According to several SideCar passengers, SideCar is much cheaper than Lyft. A driver can also take a passenger to the airport for a $35 rate. It may vary if this passenger changes their destination from one location to SFO.

Lyft has a grasp on the ride-sharing market in SF, but SideCar offers a much safer feature with set destinations to avoid unsafe streets where A Lyft rider has no idea where to go while the car sits on a major street with traffic backing up. Many SideCar riders are now saying SideCar it is. One bar tender claimed that she dislikes Lyft riders, who she called spoiled Pacific Heights residents.

SideCar is an awesome ride-sharing company who will bridge the gap with Lyft. This ride-sharing company deserves additional business and will get this soon.

As hard as drivers work at Lyft, the passengers rarely appreciated their ride sharing service. The driver stayed in 2 hotels per weekend to provide ride-sharing service throughout the late weekend hours. On one particular night, this driver gave 22 rides. The driver gave rides outside of the city often. They had cool conversations and made many lyfters laugh.

Lyft terminated the driver a week before Christmas, the worst termination they ever experienced in their life. This driver didn't have a plan B since they intended to work 60-70 hours per week during the busy holiday season. It was a cold reception to let go of a person based on deceitful ratings and feedback from drunk riders and overly critical passengers. This driver and others who were deactivated know the truth about Lyft and will never use their ridesharing services ever!

The Pink mustache hides the truth behind their cold treatment of low-rated drivers (4.80 is minimum rating: driver got terminated with 4.79) and even passengers who've claimed to be deactivated, as well.

Drive safe on New Years and welcome 2014 with exciting ride-sharing fun! Happy New Year 2014!